Katherine (phyche_artemis) wrote,

Crazy Brittney

So tonight Robin, Kat, Brittney and I are watching the movie, "Ever After; A Cinderella Story." And this is what happened in the middle of the movie:

(All of a sudden and out of nowhere)

Brittney yelled out: "I was just like her!!"

Me: " Why? Did you happen to lose a glass slipper, too??"

Brittney: "Shut up!!"

(Later, during a scene when the poor girl is getting sold to an evil man....)

Brittny, getting up from her seat, said thoughtfully: " I can totally see myself being sold to slavery."

Me(thinking that I heard her wrong): "You mean you CAN'T see yourself being sold to slavery, right?" (I mean yeah, it is hard for modern people to imagine being SOLD to slavery...)

Brittney: " No! I said I can TOTALLY see myself being sold to slavery..." (again saying this with conviction and...proudness??)

Why our little Brittney here can relate herself to Cinderella (as far as I know, the evil step mother and sister and charming prnce all have not yet came into her life) and envision herself being sold to slavery (maybe because she's a pirat?) will always remain a mystery to me.

That's Brittney for you. I love her and she always crack me up although she didn't mean to this time.

I plan on renting someting completely wacked out, out of reality movie next time. Like the Starwars or something. I am curios to see if she can continue to relate herself to the character...like...um...maybe Yoda?
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