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Happy Day!

Today is one of my happiest days. First I got the Statistics exam back today, and I got 51/58! After an entire night of hard studying. Hard work does pay off! I am so happy; I CAN accomplish anything which I set my heart on, after putting effort into it.

Also, I made fried rice for lunch today in a span of 30-40 minutes. And it turned out quite appetizing! (It has carrots, celleries, onions, slices of ham and bacon, and egg). It's funny how I actually get a sense of satisfaction after I made a dish or entre everytime now. I used to not know how to cook (at all)! But now I can make actual dinners, and it's exciting! I bought a varieties of vegetables and fruite (even meat as well)...there are so many things I can experiment with now! yay!

In addition, I got a short but dearing e-mail from Ewa today. It simply went like this, " just e-mailing to tell you how fortunate I fell to have a friend like you. I love you and I miss you. I will be in Poland soon. Remember that you are always invited! take care, ewa"

It moved me so much... I aboslutely adore Ewa.
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